Second Catheterisation Laboratory

– To provide 24/7 service for emergency cardiac interventions

Donations are needed to fund a second Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab) in order provide the foundations for Bendigo Health to offer 24/7 service for emergency cardiac interventions.

Time is everything in an emergency. Treatments for patients with heart disease and in cardiac emergencies are done in a Cath Lab to view real-time moving pictures of the heart and coronary arteries. This helps cardiologists diagnose disease and guides them during procedures. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, people living outside of major Australian cities are 44% more likely to die from this disease  than those living in major cities.

This second Cath Lab now reduces the risk to those patients, and means that there is less emergency transport for cardiac patients to Melbourne; keeping families closer together.

Importantly, the second Cath Lab will allow Bendigo Health to save time, money and lives in the Loddon Mallee community for those affected by heart disease – Australia’s biggest killer.

Automated Dispensing System – Electronic Drug Imprest & Automated Robotic Medication System

Bendigo Health is looking to join the age of automation which will help free up valuable pharmacy staff time for more important direct patient care. Two automated pharmacy systems that will be used across the entire hospital will improve safety, efficiency and costs associated with medicine use and management.

An ARMS can store up to 40,000 items and quickly deliver medicines direct to a pharmacist and prepare medication for ward Electronic Drug Imprests. It does the mundane work of pharmacy departments and saves a lot of time in the dispensary; basically doing paperwork and producing labels. Importantly for direct patient care, an ARMS will free up Pharmacy staff time for more high-level activities.

This system will ensure Bendigo Health remains at the forefront of technology required in a busy modern hospital pharmacy that is focused on patient care.

Ophthalmic Microscope & Retinal Machine

Sight is so precious. If you suffer a serious eye injury, or from a health condition or disease that risks your eyesight, surgery may be the only way to save your sight.

An ophthalmic microscope is specially designed to magnify parts of the eye’s anatomy. Fortunately today’s sophisticated microscopes give surgeons much greater illumination and visualisation that their micro-surgical techniques demand for repairing and restoring eyesight. To reduce the waiting times for this surgery and provide treatment closer to home for this region: we are raising money for an ophthalmic microscope that will enable our surgeons to perform high level eye surgery at Bendigo Health.