2023 Move For Mental Health

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$25 per person | $50 per family

A virtual fitness and fundraising challenge for all abilities

Move for Mental Health is back this October to get you moving towards your fitness and fundraising goals.

Register as an individual, a family or as part of a team for the month-long challenge and help raise vital funds to improve mental health services throughout the Loddon Mallee region.
You decide what type of exercise you do throughout the challenge, you may wish to walk each day, take regular gym classes or cycle 50km per week, the choice is yours. 

Have you thought about creating a corporate team?

For Kate Mannix and the team at AFS, taking part in Move for Mental Health on an annual basis has been a fun and rewarding challenge that has generated a lot of enthusiasm amongst staff.

“What we saw in our team, we didn’t expect to see that benefit. People really embraced it, set themselves various challenges and came out of their comfort zones” Kate said.

“The fundraising has obvious external benefits for the wider community but it also had a positive impact in our workplace. We encourage other corporate teams to get involved this year”.

Participating in the 2023 Move for Mental Health challenge provides the opportunity to :

  • Improve both physical and mental health through regular exercise.
  • Improve morale amongst teammates and staff by participating together as a group.
  • Become more mindful and motivated to include exercise in your daily routine.
  • Raise funds to improve wellbeing and recovery outcomes for mental health patients.
  • Be part of a fun, online community who are passionate about supporting Bendigo Health and the advancement of healthcare in the Loddon Mallee region.

Thanks to the following organisations for their valued support :


Move towards your fitness and fundraising goals