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Through the incredible generosity of our community, the 2021 Christmas Appeal raised over $100,000 to provide specialised rehabilitation equipment to get our region’s kids back doing what they love.

Funds raised will expand support for the redevelopment of the paediatric rehabilitation outpatients clinics, including a specific paediatric fitout of the new hydrotherapy pool and the purchase of purpose built child sized gym equipment, to create a “mini-gym”.


Help kids get back to what they love

This Christmas, we need your help to fund specialised rehabilitation equipment for our region’s children.

More than 100 children are treated by Bendigo Health’s rehabilitation services at any one time. Kids just like Teale, who just want to get back to the things that they love doing.

Kids like Teale, just want to get back to the things that they love doing.

12 year old Teale, was diagnosed with bone cancer following a fall and graze to his right leg in late 2019.

Over many months, Teale worked with rehabilitation therapists and undertook hydrotherapy with the goal to get back to riding a bike, however, what he really craved was to wrestle with his siblings.

Read Teale’s full story here  Make a donation

Your donation helps children like Teale to get back to what they love.

Two-thirds of the children receiving rehabilitation at Bendigo Health have cerebral palsy – a permanent condition with no known cure.

21 month old Mackenzie has been undergoing rehabilitation therapies since she was just three months of age. Her regular rehabilitation sessions will continue her entire life.

Mackenzie’s mum, Melita, said that Mackenzie has come ‘leaps and bounds’ thanks to her rehabilitation. 

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Your donation can help children like Mackenzie in their development so they can enjoy things most kids take for granted.

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