For 12 year old Teale, rehabilitation started following seven months of cancer treatment.

Teale Hammond was diagnosed with bone cancer following a fall and graze to his right leg in late 2019. Initially, mum Rebecca didn’t think anything of the slight injury until she noticed a hard lump in the same area days later. Rebecca followed her instincts to see their local GP immediately, whilst reassuring Teale that it was surely nothing of concern.

The seven months to follow, saw the family separated as Teale underwent treatment at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital while his parents juggled his appointments and providing care and a sense of normality for his three siblings who remained at home n Bendigo.

“We had to spend a lot of time apart – it affected us all a lot” – Rebecca Hammond

Having rehabilitation locally was imperative to the family, allowing them to be together and for Teale to remain connected with his siblings while he focussed on his recovery and learning to undertaken regular activities.

The time apart was particularly tough for Teale’s 10 year old brother, who perhaps understood the seriousness of the situation and desperately needed his brother to be back home so they could do ‘normal’ things together.

Over many months, Teale worked with rehabilitation therapists and hydrotherapy sessions with the goal to again ride a bike, however his key motivator was to be again able to wrestle with his siblings.

Rebecca describes the Bendigo Health therapists who have supported Teale in his recovery as wonderful, calm and helpful “It is amazing what he has achieved, within even a couple of months we saw his progression and he made leaps and bounds”.  

“We are so grateful to them and especially that was didn’t need to pay for rehabilitation as money was already tight.”

In July last year, Teale received confirmation that his treatment had been successful “We got the all clear, it will continually be with us but for now we are in a good place.” Rebecca Hammond said.

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