Bendigo Chinese Tribute

25 Feb 2022

This morming, the Bendigo Chinese Association Inc. announced as part of this year’s 150th Bendigo Easter Fair celebrations, an additional ‘special event’ will be held commemorating the Festival and the Chinese community’s even longer standing relationship with Bendigo Health.

This year’s four day Festival will see the traditional Awakening of the Dragon and Gala Parade featuring Bendigo’s new dragon Dai Gum Loong moved forward one day to Sunday and Monday respectively.

The newly restored and revered dragon Sun Loong will make an auspicious appearance accompanied by his attendant regalia with support from the Bendigo Chinese Association Lion Team and visiting Associations and Performing Teams.

This special blessing (zhù fú - ) event will be a spectacle of colour and noise which pays fitting tribute to the respectful and long relationships that The Bendigo Chinese Association has maintained with the Bendigo Easter Fair Society and Bendigo Health.

As part of the event, presentations of traditional Chinese banners will be made to both organisations.

Fund will be raised via an online fundraising page on Bendigo Health Fundraising and Foundation website and at the Tribute event on Easter Saturday.

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