Heartbeat Bendigo donation

18 Mar 2022

Heartbeat Victoria - Bendigo branch recent funded the purchase of 12 new cardiac holter monitors for Bendigo Health.  

The purchase of the new Holter Monitor system has met all of Cardiology’s expectations and more.  

The demand for Holter monitoring in Diagnostic Cardiology has increased dramatically and with the purchase of 12 new active monitors has improved efficiencies in workflow, reduced cancellations and increased the capacity to grow.   

The holter monitor system allows the cardiology team to investigate symptoms such as palpitations, fainting and dizziness.  Monitoring your heart rate and rhythm over over a 24 hour period, provides the Cardiology Department with more information about how your heart rate and rhythm changes over the course of the day and if further treatment is required.

We thank Heartbeat Victoria Inc - Bendigo Branch for their continued support of our Cardiac area which services the entire Loddon Mallee region.