New Treatment Chairs

17 Jul 2020

New treatment chairs provide greater comfort for dialysis patients

Patients in the Community Dialysis Unit (CDU) at Bendigo Health are settling in with their new specialised dialysis chairs, providing greater comfort during their extensive weekly treatments.

Three treatment chairs were recently purchased thanks to a generous donation from the Fosterville Gold Mine.

Bendigo Health renal service nurse unit manager Jo Ford said CDU patients attended the unit three times a week for five hours a time for live-saving treatment.

“Given the amount of time our patients spend dialysing, their comfort while they attend has an enormous impact on their quality of life,” she said.

These specialised treatment chairs enable safe positioning to undertake CPR if required, Jo said.

“A huge thank you to Fosterville Gold Mine, it means a great deal to the 55 patients in our unit,” she said.

Fosterville Gold Mine recently donated $27,500 to support Bendigo Health medical teams caring for the most vulnerable patients.

The other funds were used to purchase a NMT module, used to assess and manage intensive care patients with respiratory problems and a Venoscope, for use on babies in the Special Care Nursery.