Reservoir Hotel Pours Generous Support into Palliative Care

07 Feb 2024
In 2022, The Reservoir Hotel organised a Christmas raffle to honor the exceptional care the owners' mother received at Bendigo Health's palliative care services. The community rallied behind the cause, resulting in a major success as over $8,000 was raised, contributing significantly to providing ongoing palliative oncology massages for patients.

Building on the triumph of the previous year, The Reservoir Hotel, in 2023, once again ran a Christmas raffle. With over 40 prizes generously sourced and donated by the community, the event surpassed expectations, raising an incredible $12,710. The hotel owners were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support from the community.

In two consecutive years, The Reservoir Hotel has donated a remarkable $20,000 to palliative care, ensuring the continuation of the palliative oncology massage program. 

The Palliative Care Massage program, initiated in 2021 through a generous donation from Tess Cochrane and family, holds a special place in the community's heart. Tess's late husband, Gill, greatly benefited from massage during his brain cancer treatment. Tess herself, receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis less than 12 months later, experienced the profound impact of Oncology Massage.

This vital program has been sustained through the ongoing charitable contributions from The Reservoir Hotel and the community.