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Referral Program

Switch to Bendigo Bank to help local kids 

Bendigo Bank is a proud Platinum Sponsor of Bendigo Health Fundraising & Foundation and has recently committed its long term involvement with Bendigo Health to focus its sponsorship and support on paediatric services for children in our region.

A newly established Bendigo Bank Referral Program, will mean that each new eligible Bendigo Bank loan referred by Bendigo Health will assist your regional health service.

You can help by bringing your banking across to Bendigo Bank, who will then contribute funds to our hospital’s paediatric services at no cost to you when you mention Bendigo Health.

To find out more drop into your local branch and tell them you’d like your banking to support Bendigo Health (referrer code 40589) or phone 1300 236 344.

Terms and Conditions apply.

No personal information regarding loans or accounts is provided to Bendigo Health.

How does this program work?

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Through our involvement with Bendigo Bank, we have established a Referrer Program which means that when you bank with  Bendigo Bank and mention Bendigo Health (referrer code 40589) the Bank will contribute funds directly to us (which they have chosen to direct to paediatric services), at no cost whatsoever, to you as the customer.

We encourage you to consider banking with Bendigo Bank to help support sick kids in the Loddon Mallee region by dropping into your local branch or phoning 1300 236 344 (BENDIGO) to find out more.

How do I change my banking?

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Moving your banking is easy. Just contact your local Bendigo Bank branch or contact 1300 236 344 (BENDIGO) and be sure to quote referrer code 40589 

Is there any cost to me as the customer?

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No, there is no cost to you whatsoever.

You can link any new loan to the Bendigo Health Referral Program (referrer code 40589) by visiting your local Bendigo Bank branch or phoning 1300 236 344 and Bendigo Bank will contribute funds directly to us to support much needed Paediatric services in the Loddon Mallee at no cost to you.

Am I eligible?

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We encourage you to speak directly with Bendigo Bank to find out more about the Referrer Program. The Referrer Program is available to Bendigo Health staff and their families, current or previous patients of Bendigo Health and members of our local community.

Can someone from Bendigo Health help me set up a Bendigo Bank loan or provide me advice?

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Our staff cannot provide any financial advice and we encourage you to speak with Bendigo Bank to discuss your lending or other financial services requirements. You can visit your local Bendigo Bank branch or phone 1300 236 344.

What types of banking products will attract a commission paid to Bendigo Health?

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Please speak to your local Bendigo Bank branch or phone 1300 236 344 to confirm if your banking can support Bendigo Health.

Bendigo Bank will make a payment to Bendigo Health at no cost whatsoever for the following services when you mention you’d like your banking to support Bendigo Health (referrer code 40589):

  • Home Loans and Home Equity Loans 
  • Personal Loans 
  • Business Loans 
  • Business Overdrafts 
  • Credit Cards 
  • Equipment Loans
  • Chattel Mortgage 
  • Lease 
  • Asset Purchase 
  • Novated Lease