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Cancer Wellness

Improve the quality of life for patients

Bendigo Health offers a specilised Cancer Wellness Program at the Gobbé Wellness Centre, a dedicated place for patients to participate in wellness activities as well as a space where patients, carers or family members can retreat between or following treatment. 

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Our dedicated Cancer Wellness Coordinator oversees the comprehensive timetable of activities through our Cancer Wellness Program, including oncology massage, yoga, relexology. mindfulness and tai chi to support our cancer patients.

We rely on on-going fundraising and donations in excess of $200,000 annually to ensure the sustainability of Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Program and the Gobbé Wellness Centre.

With your help, we can continue to offer these valuable services to our local and regional patients.

The Cancer Wellness Program and Gobbé Wellness Centre would not be possible without ongoing donations and fundraising. To contribute, please donate now.

We thank the many generous individuals and groups from our community who have raised funds and made donations to our Cancer Wellness Services. We would like to particularly acknowledge Alan and Helen Gobbé, MotoPostie GP and the Dry July Foundation.