Gobbé Wellness Centre

Located in a beautiful historic building within the Bendigo Hospital precinct, the Gobbé Wellness Centre provides a specific place for patients to participate in wellness activities as well as a place where patients, carers or family members can retreat between or following treatment.

The Gobbé Wellness Centre provides comfort and kindness to our patients by supporting their emotional and psychological wellbeing.  

The Centre is the home of Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Program, ensuring that patients dealing with the challenges of cancer can immerse themselves in the range of cancer wellness programs in a space completely detached from where diagnosis and treatment occurs. 

The Centre is named in honor of the late Alan and his wife Helen Gobbé. By making their wishes known, Alan and Helen Gobbé were able to share their hopes for how their gift will be used. Helen also chose to make a gift that saw the Gobbé Wellness Centre established within her lifetime.

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